Animation Rules:

  • Entries in this category will use technology to create a time sequence or series of graphic images or frames to give the appearance of continuous movement.
  • Entries should include motion with character design, layout, foreground, and background.
  • Only the first 3 minutes of an entry will be scored.

Judging Criteria:

  • Curriculum Connection (30%): The education purpose is clearly evident; completion of this project results in the student’s mastery of subject-area and Tech TEKS; careful attention is given to writing, spelling, and grammar.
  • Editing (30%): Suitable transitions for smooth flow from scene to scene; clearness of audio; creative/appropriate sound effects, narration, background music, etc.; evidence of technical manipulation and skill at using the program/software; appropriate camera technique, if applicable.
  • Organization (20%): Clips show little to no slack time; pacing keeps viewers interested; appropriate use of silence; audio enhances project; appropriate script of storyboard; project adheres to time constraint.
  • Creative Content (10%): Content related to the storyline; evidence of imagination, creativity, or new thought; work is student created and original; clear purpose and audience.
  • Credits/Work Cited (10%): all works are properly credited and permission is granted in writing for their use, if applicable; all sources are properly cited (