Digital Media

Digital Media Rules:

  • Entries in this category will demonstrate the use of technology (such as software, mobile apps, web-based tools, etc) to create, present, or interact with content. This can include sound, graphics, video, text, animation, slideshows, comic strips, timelines, or any other media (including multimedia projects).
  • Entries must be web-based or submitted in file formats commonly available to the public (no .cda, .m4a, etc…).
  • If submitting a video or audio entry, only the first 3 minutes will be scored.
  • Entries must not require a judge to login to a student or teacher account, program, or website to access the project.

Judging Criteria:

  • Curriculum Connection (30%): The education purpose is clearly evident; completion of this project results in the student’s mastery of subject-area and Tech TEKS; careful attention is given to writing, spelling, and grammar.
  • Content (20%): Information is clear, appropriate, and correct; subject knowledge is evident in the product.
  • Design, Technical Skill, & Complexity (20%): Overall quality of production; technical manipulation and skill is evident; logical sequence of information; project is easy to read/navigate, consistent formats/transitions (if applicable); features do not distract from the purpose of the project.
  • Creativity & Originality (20%): Artistic use of elements; evidence of original thought/ideas; unexpected and/or surprising elements that are enjoyable to see/hear
  • Credits/Work Cited (10%): All works are properly credited and permission is granted in writing for their use, if applicable; all sources are properly cited (