Digital Publishing and Graphic Design

Digital Publishing & Graphic Design Rules:

  • Entries in this category will apply the use of technology to create digital artwork and/or print media.
  • Entries must use graphics and/or publishing software/apps to create an original, computer-generated product.
  • Entries must be submitted as a single .jpg, .png or .pdf file.

Judging Criteria:

  • Curriculum Connection (30%): The education purpose is clearly evident; completion of this project results in the student’s mastery of subject-area and Tech TEKS; careful attention is given to writing, spelling, and grammar.
  • Content and Purpose (20%): Entries have a clear and well-conveyed purpose; information and content is appropriate and accurate; artistic elements are clearly expressed.
  • Creativity and Originality (20%): The piece is artistic and pleasing to the eye with good use of color; use of tools in unconventional ways is evident; evidence of software manipulation is clear; text and graphics work together in an eye-catching way.
  • Design (20%): The piece effectively uses the elements & principles of art/design (color, value, tone, texture, shape, form, space, line, contrast, emphasis, balance, unity, pattern, movement, etc…); consistency of format is evident; design elements relate to the content and audience; design clearly conveys the message.
  • Credits/Work Cited (10%): All works are properly credited and permission is granted in writing for their use, if applicable; all sources are properly cited (