Video Production

Video Production Rules:

  • Entries in this category will demonstrate the use of digital video creation and editing techniques.
  • Student(s) must operate recording device and/or edit video (students only appearing as an actor/participant in the video do not qualify as entrants).
  • Video files, including broadcasts, must be submitted in .wmv, .avi, .mp4, or .mpeg format. Also, video must be uploaded to YouTube or Google Docs where it can be streamed for viewing.
  • Judges will only consider the first 3 minutes of an entry.

Judging Criteria:

  • Curriculum Connection (30%): The education purpose is clearly evident; completion of this project results in the student’s mastery of subject-area and Tech TEKS; careful attention is given to writing, spelling, and grammar.
  • Editing/Organization (30%): Clips show no slack time; suitable transitions for smooth flow from scene to scene; pacing keeps viewers interested; clearness of sound/audio; creative/appropriate sound effects, narration, background music, etc.; appropriate use of silence; audio enhances the project; clear beginning and end; logical sequence; organizational structure is evident throughout the project.
  • Camera Technique (20%): Focus; variety of camera angles; steadiness of shots; varied composition (rule of thirds).
  • Creative Content (10%): Content related to the storyline; evidence of imagination, creativity, or new thought; work is student created and original; appropriate number of still images and titles used (no more than 20%).
  • Credits/Work Cited (10%): All works are properly credited and permission is granted in writing for their use, if applicable; all sources are properly cited (