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When your child is sick

Keep Your Child at Home When:

* Child has a temperature of 100 degrees
Fahrenheit or 37.7 degrees Celsius or higher
* Child has diarrhea or vomiting
* Child has a rash of unknown origin
* Child has red, runny eyes or wakes up with eyes "glued" shut
* Child complains of ear pain with or without fever

Your Child May Return When:

* Child is free of fever for 24 hours without the use
of Tylenol or other fever reducer
* Child is free of diarrhea and/or vomiting for 24 hours
* You have consulted a health care professional* for the appropriate antibiotic therapy
* You have consulted a health care professional
* for the appropriate care.

* Upon returning to school the child must bring a signed release from the health care professional to the school nurse's office, or report to the nurse free of symptoms.

Remember: Medication must be kept in the school clinic with a doctor's and a parent's signature authorizing permission for dispensing the medication, including cough drops and other over the counter medicines.

Medication Authorization Form (pdf)

You know your children best, if they don't seem well, they probably aren't. Keep them home and consult a health care professional if necessary.

Please keep emergency phone numbers current in the clinic - Your Child May Need You!!

Makeshia Smith