Jones Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language

World-class arts and language education

Apply Starting October 25!

Dual Language Immersion

All Arts for All

Collaboration & Teamwork

Your child is unique and talented. But how do you know if the fine arts/dual language academy is right for them?

They love to look at
and read books.

They enjoy learning
new words.

They love to
sing and dance.

Whether its with Play-Doh, paint, crayons or a sand box, they love to make art and create things.

If your child lights up at the sound of music or loves to visit the library, a dual language/arts program might be just right for them.

Every child deserves a well-rounded education that’s fun, builds on their talents and interests and nurtures their passions.

Jones Academy offers your child everything they need to explore their creative gifts and talents.

Jones has pioneered a new, unique educational model developed right here in Arlington ISD that offers an experience like no other.

A Jones Academy education features:

  • Integrated learning model that fuses language and arts with core content
  • Half the day taught in English
  • Half the day taught in Spanish
  • Mandarin classes starting in second grade
  • All arts for all students: music, visual art, dance, drama and piano

Jones doesn’t just offer a series of innovative classes, it has a building to match. Purposefully-designed spaces are key to optimizing the content and enhancing students’ experience. The newly renovated school features:

  • State-of-the-art fine arts spaces
    • strings room
    • piano practice room
    • black box theater
    • dance studio
    • art lab
  • STEM lab
  • Remodeled library
  • Collaborative learning areas
  • Outdoor performance area
  • New gymnasium
  • New classroom wing

How to launch your child’s fine arts/dual language education:

  • Step 1

    Identify if fine arts/dual language is right for your child.

  • Step 2

    Apply for Jones Academy during the application window.

  • Step 3

    Watch your student thrive.

We understand that the choice to give your child a unique education is a big one.

At Jones Academy, they will receive all the benefits of the Arlington ISD whole-child education plus the opportunity to nurture their passions and develop mastery in two languages.

Arlington ISD fine arts/dual language students have exciting futures ahead.

Regardless of what career they choose, a fine arts/dual language education will benefit your child for the rest of their lives.

  • Multilingual

  • Trained Musician & Artist

  • Experienced Critical Thinker and Collaborator

There's nothing more valuable than teaching your child to love their education.

Your child has an incredible path ahead.

A Jones Academy education will provide them opportunities to change the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corey and Jones academies of fine arts and dual language are unique programs where students receive both fine arts instruction and second language acquisition to help them increase cognitive abilities, improve thinking and verbal skills, enhance motor skills and problem-solving ability, improve SAT scores and more.

Both academies accept incoming kindergarten students as part of a cohort that will advance through fifth grade and then transition to the Gunn Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language and then to Arlington High School.

Both academies begin in kindergarten and offer dual language studies in English and Spanish. Through a partial immersion model, 50 percent of core instruction is delivered in English and 50 percent in Spanish. Language arts and social studies are taught in English, and math and science are taught in Spanish.

As students advance through the grades, they are provided more time to develop Spanish literacy. 

Students who are admitted into the fine arts and dual language academies will receive “All Arts for All” instruction for the fine arts portion of the academy in kindergarten through fourth grade. There will be a rotation for all of the K-4 academy students in: piano as a foundation piece, general music including choir/preparatory instruments, visual art, dance and drama. These students will receive arts-specific instruction each week. Classroom teachers also integrate arts into core instruction to help students make connections, often bringing learning to life for students. Once students reach fifth grade, they will all take visual arts classes and choose electives in the areas of music, movement and drama.  

Each school can accept 96 kindergarten students. Historically there have been approximately 500 student applications received.

Yes, the Arlington ISD has other specialized programs that you can apply for at the same time that you apply for Corey and Jones Academies, including Wimbish World Language Academy, Crow Leadership Academy and Pearcy STEM Academy for k-6. You must rank your choices first, second and third when completing the application.

Once all of the applications are received, a multi-member committee of educators independently and blindly scores each application. Application scores are totaled and ranked for admission.

Weighted consideration is given to students who are proficient in the spanish language and have siblings currently enrolled in the program.

Admission to students who reside outside of arlington isd boundaries will be offered after all resident applicants have been placed. Out-of-district siblings of current students in the fine arts/dual language program are exempt from this requirement.

Weighted consideration is given to students who have siblings currently in the program and those who are proficient in the spanish language.

The boundary map for the two academies splits the district in half along Pioneer Parkway/Spur 303. All Arlington ISD addresses north of Pioneer Parkway/Spur 303 are zoned to attend Jones Academy, and all Arlington ISD addresses south of Pioneer Parkway/Spur 303 are zoned to attend Corey Academy. Parents can apply to multiple specialized programs but must rank your choices first, second and third when completing the application.

Applications will be available on the Arlington ISD specialized programs page for incoming kindergarten students beginning at noon on Nov. 1. Applications are due Friday, Jan. 28, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Parents will receive a decision letter via email by March 7, 2022, and will have until Thursday, March 10, 2022, to respond.

There is no cost to attend a Fine Arts and Dual Language academy.

Yes. Transportation will be available for students who live more than two miles from the fine arts and dual language academy they are zoned to attend. Transportation will not be door-to-door but will utilize a hub system.

  • Corey academy students’ hubs have previously been: Beckham, Bebensee, Fitzgerald, Foster, Hale, Key, Little, Miller, Morton, Remynse and Short elementary schools.
  • Jones academy students’ hubs have previously been: Adams, Ellis, Duff, Hill, Sherrod, Webb and Wimbish elementary schools.

During the applications process, there will be several parent information meetings where the principals will review the design of the program, outline expectations for participation and discuss the categories that will be weighted during the application process. Attending a meeting is not required for admission but is highly recommended.

Parents can learn about Corey and jones at various information meetings (please see schedule below):

Corey Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language

Jones Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language

Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021, 6-7 p.m.

Monday, Nov. 29, 2021, 6-7 p.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022, 6-7 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022, 6-7 p.m.