Kooken Guidance Counselor

As the school counselor I visit classrooms every week delivering guidance lessons over topics such as bullying, respect, and cross-cultural awareness, see my monthly topics listed to the left. I also hold parent training in collaboration with our Family Involvement Rep on topics regarding their preschoolers. Along with guidance lessons and parent training, I meet with students individually and in small groups.

Some areas I can be of assistance to students, teachers, and parents are:


  •  Understand and accept themselves and others better.
  •  Cope with family changes.
  •  Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  •  Feel safe at school.
  •  Learn to handle strong emotions, such as anger and sadness.
  •  Learn conflict resolution skills.
  •  Use positive character traits to assist them in daily living.

Teachers and Administrators:

  •  Create a positive learning environment.
  • Provide families with community agency information if needed/desired.
  • Develop community partnerships to enhance student development.


  •  Understand their child’s emotions, behaviors, and learning styles.
  •  Assist parents in meeting their child’s needs.

I strive to promote the importance of kindness and respect on a daily basis. Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.

Monthly Focus Areas

Super Students

August – Introduction Lesson – Greeting One Another

September – Communication Skills - Listening

October – Responsible Behavior – Following Directions / Trustworthy

November / December – Motivation to Achieve (Careers / Pre Test) Staying on Task

Super Friends

January – Interpersonal Effectiveness (Social Skills) – Saying Sorry & Kelso

February –Cross Cultural Awareness –Celebrating Differences - Compliments

March – Self Confidence – Stand Tall / Sharing

April – Self Control – Anger Control

May/June – Decision Making, Goal Setting, Planning and Problem Solving (Careers / Post Test) -Working Together


Community Resources:

Family Matters Counseling 817-303-9191

Fielder Road Counseling 817-303-2020

Parenting Center 817-332-6348

UTA Counseling Center 817-272-2165

Crisis Resources:

Cook's Children's Hospital 682-885-4000

Mission Arlington 817-277-6620

Safe Haven Woman's Shelter 817-460-5566

Texas Dept. of Human Services 817-460-6491