Attendance Policy

An excused absence is given for illness, family emergency or death in the family. An excused absence may also be granted to a student for the exercise of the student’s religious beliefs. Such absence shall require advanced written request and a telephone call from the parent. Parent’s permission does not necessarily mean the school will be able to excuse an absence. An excused absence entitles the student to have an opportunity to make up work missed. Securing assignments and making up the work is the student’s responsibility. Failure to hand in such work within a reasonable time (one extra day per absence) will mean a zero for that assignment. The student must sign out in the attendance office when leaving and return with a signed doctor’s note, complete with date and time services were rendered.

If an illness or accident is such that the student misses four (4) consecutive weeks or more of school, the parent or guardian should contact the counselor in order to secure Homebound Services.

Any absence that does not meet the above criteria for excused will be considered unexcused.

Students who miss school without having an approved excused absence shall not receive credit for work missed during the unexcused absence period. No makeups shall be allowed for assignments, tests, or other school work missed because of unexcused absences. Zeros will be given for grades taken during periods with unexcused absences. A parent’s permission for a student to violate the school’s attendance policy does not change the criteria for excused or unexcused absences in accordance with AISD and Texas laws.

Losing Credit Because of Absences

In order to earn the .5 credit for a class, a student must maintain 90% attendance for the class for the entire semester and maintain a grade of 70 or above. For the 2016 fall semester, that means students can have no more than four absences in a class, and that includes excused and unexcused absences. Students can have no more than five absences in the 2017 spring semester. Only school-related absences (sporting events, fine arts competitions, etc.) do not count against the student. Students who currently have more than four non-school related absences need to see their assistant principal now to develop a plan for “redeeming” those absences, which will involve time spent after school in an academic setting.

*Note – Students that receive a tardy slip and do not turn in their tardy slip to their attendance office will have an unexcused absence for that period. Be sure to turn in your tardy slip if you’re late to a class; don’t let a tardy become an unexcused absence.

Checking Attendance

Students can use their phones/laptops or class Chromebooks to log in to Student Self-Serve and pull up their attendance a. If students are new to using Student Self-Serve, they access it by going to, clicking on “Student”, then clicking on “Student Self-Serve”

b. Students log in using their RapidIdentity username and password

c. Once they are logged into Student Self-Serve, select “attendance”

d. School-related absences are N01, N02, and N05 and they do not count against the student regarding the 90% attendance rule

e. Any absence codes that start with “EX” or “UN” do count against the 90% attendance rule

Parents can call their child’s attendance office to check on absences, or they can sign up for Parent Self- Serve. Directions for signing up for Parent Self-Serve can be found on the Lamar website,

Be in class, be on time!