If you ride a bus to and/or from school you will need a bus ID, no exceptions.

Bus IDs will be made in the cafeteria, during all 3 lunches, beginning Wednesday, August 30th.  

Each bus rider will get a new ID, you will not be able to use the one from last year. Please be prepared to turn in your old ID, if you still have it.

Bus drivers will check for bus IDs beginning Monday. September, 18th.  You will not be able to ride your bus without a proper bus ID, no exceptions.

If you are unable to get your bus ID during lunch, you may come to Rm. 256, with a pass from your teacher, during the following hours:
8:00 -10:40am and 2:00 – 3:00pm. 

You may also come to Rm. 256 before school between 7:00 -7:30am.