Lamar High School
2022-2023 AP 5’s

The following students earned a 5 on an AP Exam in 2022-2023.  Congratulations to all of these wonderful students on their commitment to excellence!

*According to College Board, a score of 5 denotes that a student is extremely well qualified and has earned the equivalent of an A/A+ in a college class.

AP English Language and Composition
Emiliano G.-B.
Aiden M.
Favour O.
Healey W.

AP English Literature and Composition
Emily B.
Katherine J.
Amanda N.

AP Calculus AB
Emiliano G.-B.

AP Calculus BC
Aiden M.

AP Human Geography
Kelsey C.
Daniel W.
Carson P.
Eli N.

AP Macroeconomics
Matthew H.
Amanda N.

AP Physics 1
Ryan D.

AP Spanish Language and Culture
Mayra M.
Romina M.
Karla P.
Roger S.
Christian H.A.

AP U.S. Government and Politics
Amanda N.

AP World History
Isley A.
Dylan H.
Edgar V.

AP U.S. History
Mary I.
Aiden M.
Ayden R.