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Campus Role: Coach, Teacher
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Matthew Matus, M.Ed.
Asst. Tennis Coach / Culinary Arts

Matthew Matus hails from the small Czech town of West, TX. Growing up in a rural area allowed Coach Matus the opportunity to play nearly every sport the school offered. This is where he fell in love with the game of tennis. He continued his academic journey at Texas A&M University and graduated in 2007. After living in the Bay Area of Northern California for 3 years and working with the youth, he moved to the island of Maui to help jump start a new youth program. It was in Hawai’i he began his coaching career as the assistant boys’ volleyball coach at Maui High School. At the conclusion of the school year, he promptly returned to College Station, TX to pursue his Master’s Degree in Education and graduated in 2013. With 10+ years in DFW as a teacher/coach, Matus has most recently spent 3 years as the head tennis coach at MacArthur High School in Irving. Outside of school, Matus is thrilled to be a dad to two little girls, Lucille and Matilda, and a loving husband to his sweet wife Melissa.

Class Schedule:

  • Period 1: 7:35 AM – Jr. High Tennis
  • Period 2: Conference
  • Period 3: 10:55 AM – Culinary Arts
  • Period 4: 1:24 PM – Culinary Arts
  • Period 7: Conference
  • Period 8: 9:12 AM – Culinary Arts
  • Period 9: 10:55 AM – Culinary Arts
  • Period 10: 1:24 PM – Varsity Tennis