Guidance & Counseling Support Staff
Counseling Clerk: Cindy Gallaher
Data Clerk: Jessica Carpenter
Data Clerk: Normalinda Deleon
Registrar & Record Requests: Lana Posey
Withdrawals: Yolanda Gonzales


Choosing Your Classes Video
Cohort 2027 Course Selection Sheet for the 2024-2025 School Year
Cohorts 2025/2026 Course Selection Sheet for the 2024-2025 School Year

Freshman Registration (Cohort 2028) Presentation
Cohort 2028 Course Selection Sheet for the 2024-2025 School Year



College Readiness

Admission Tests


Scholarship Information

College Preparation

  • - My College Quick Start. Your responses on the PSAT are used to generate a personalized online college and career planning kit free of charge to all students who took the PSAT/NMSQT. Includes: My Online Score Report, My SAT Study Plan, My College Matches, and My Major/ Career Matches
  • College is Possible - Information on preparing for college, choosing a college, and paying for college
  • COOL - College Opportunities Online Locator - Explore higher education options for 9,000 colleges, universities, career, technical, and trade schools by location, program, or degree
  • The Common Application - Application to use for private college and universities. List of schools using this application on the website.
  • Texas Common Application-Apply Texas - Texas Common Application
  • CollegeAnswer - Students wondering where to go to college and how to get there, or parents trying to unravel the mystery of the college and the financial aid application process, College Answer (formerly known as Wiredscholar) is the site for you.


Financial Aid

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Counseling Office

The Counseling Office is in the single story building between the two doors on Lamar Boulevard.

Counseling Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:20-3:30

In the counseling office you can find:

  • Sign up board to see your counselor
  • Transcript requests
  • College and career information
  • SAT and ACT registration information

Reasons to see your counselor:

  • Personal Reasons
  • Academic Concerns
  • College and Career Guidance