High School Online Credit Recovery Guidelines

The Arlington ISD uses the Edgenuity online program for credit recovery and grade redemption for secondary students, grades 7-12. The Edgenuity program provides a learning environment to support online and blended instruction. Edgenuity’s target population are students that are at-risk of failing or have failed a six weeks (grade redemption) and students that have already failed a semester course and need to earn credit for the course (credit recovery). The Edgenuity program is a self-paced program for students that are self-motivated and self-disciplined enough to successfully complete the online assignments. The goal of the credit recovery program is to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to graduate on-time.

General Guidelines

  • All students, who have failed a semester course, will be afforded the opportunity to recover the failed six weeks in the credit recovery lab if space is available and the course is offered.
  • Students will have the opportunity to recover as many six weeks as necessary, even if they have failed all three six weeks of the semester.
  • The successful Edgenuity student needs to be self-directed and focused in order to successfully complete online assignments.
  • Credit recovery can be used for original credit under limited special circumstances identified by counselor. Documentation of original credit must be approved and signed byprincipal.
  • Edgenuity is a web-based curriculum program; therefore, students can access it at home. To ensure the integrity of the program, all quizzes, tests, and exams must be proctored in the lab at school.
  • Students enrolled in Pre-AP classes may go to credit recovery if the Pre-AP teacher supplements the online coursework with additional assignments to ensure that the curriculum meets Pre-AP standards.
  • To ensure that AP courses meet College Board requirements, credit recovery is not appropriate for AP courses. Students may receive a schedule change for the first twelve (12) weeks of an AP course. Once the student is enrolled in a regular (non-AP) class, credit recovery/grade redemption can begin for non-AP credit.

Credit Recovery

  • Students completing coursework for a previously failed course will receive the grade earned in credit recovery.
  • The previous failing grade will remain on the transcript.
  • Students must complete all failed six-week periods:
    • If grade is 64 or below, student must retake the entire six weeks online.
    • If grade is 65-69, student can pre-test out of individual lessons, within the six week period, with a score of 70 or better.
  • Lab teacher will teach students how to monitor student progress towards completion.

Grade Redemption

  • Students who complete coursework for grade redemption will have the failing six-week grade replaced with at most a 75.
  • Students must complete grade redemption coursework in the active semester.

Failure of a course due to failure of semester exam options

  • Students can retake the last six weeks of the semester or the weakest six weeks; the grade earned will replace the semester exam grade.


Starting Tuesday, 1/27/2015, we will have a central, dedicated location for students to earn redemption hours. Our library will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00pm specifically for students needing to redeem credits. Mrs. Jenkins will be joined by two teachers, and they will work with students needing assistance, as well as ensuring that our redemption students are using their time productively. As stated on the redemption contract, students have other options for redeeming credits lost due to attendance, but this one is especially helpful because of the consistent availability. Non-redemption students may also be in the library, but Mrs. Jenkins and the two teachers will direct their efforts towards the redemption students first and foremost.

Redemption Expectations:

  1. Upon arrival, student must check in with a Late Night Lamar instructor. Not doing so, will invalidate the earned hours for the specific day.
  2. Student must sign in and sign out every time he/she comes in or leaves the library (even to go to the bathroom). Not signing in or out will invalidate the earned hours for the specific day.
  3. Student must have his/her redemption form or make arrangements for the document.
  4. Student must work with assigned instructor.
  5. Student must be working. Sleeping, sitting, doing nothing, talking/playing on phone, playing computer games etc. will not be allowed.
  6. Student will follow all school rules and expectations.
  7. Late Night Lamar is a privilege and any student not following the expectations may be asked to leave.