Before attending Schedule Card Pick-Up…

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we learn the new enrollment system with SchoolMINT.  We are in the process of verifying all the students who have completed the SchoolMINT application and have uploaded a Proof of Residency.

Before attending Schedule Card Pick-Up parents need to complete the online registration through the SchoolMINT website or app.

You will know you have completed registration when you receive a text or email that states the following: (Your Student’s Name) successfully re-enrolled at Martin High School for Grade (Your Student’s Grade).

Students or parents must still bring a paper copy of Proof of Residency even if they have uploaded a copy in SchoolMINT unless you have received a SECOND message saying your student’s re-enrollment has been verified.  The message will state: Re-Enrollment verified for (Your Student’s Name) at Martin High School for grade (Your student’s grade).

If possible, please have a screenshot, text messages, or print out of the messages above to bring with you at Schedule Card Pick.  This will help our staff expedite you through the checkpoints.

Current Proof of Residency must be a current (July or August) utility bill (Water, Gas, or Electricity) or Mortgage/Lease. If possible, bring a copy that we can keep.  We will have a copy machine available to make a copy.

If parents need assistance with their SchoolMINT account, please contact AISD Registration by email at or by calling 682-867-7437.

2019-2020 Registration & Schedule Card Pick-up information