AP Exam Registration & Fees Changes for 2019-2020

This fall AP College Board is making some changes to AP exam registration and fees that will impact how we will be registering students for the AP exams in May. We felt it was important that you be aware of these changes as soon as possible.

  1. All students in AP classes will automatically be registered for the exams in those classes.
  2. AISD will continue to cover the majority of the overall cost of the AP exams. Currently, College Board charges $94 per exam. AISD covers all but $13 per exam.
  3. College Board now requires that exams for Fall and Full-Year courses be ordered no later than November 1, 2019. Orders for second semester courses must be placed by February 28, 2020. Any exams ordered after these dates will incur a $40 late order fee. AISD will not cover this fee.
  4. College Board has also increased its unused/cancelled exam fee from $15 to $40. Students who are not present for an exam will be expected to pay this fee. This does not include students who miss exams for school events or illness. Those students may request a late exam.
  5. For these reasons, the $13 fee per AP exam will be collected by November 1, 2019 for fall/full year courses and February 28, 2020 for spring courses.

Please contact me at gdavis@aisd.net if you have any questions about these changes


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