President: Nick Hight;
Secretary: Javier Beltran del Rio;
Treasurer: Megan McCurdy;
Historian: Pam Ramos;
Sergeant-At-Arms: Juma Otaviano;

President: Lauren Kinear;
Secretary: Danielle Beberstein;
Treasurer: Tatum Tran;
Historian: Ryan Siegenthaler;

                                                                                                                                                                                            JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS:
                                                         President: Tatum Baffa;
Secretary: Halli Speeg;
                                                         Treasurer: George Vo;
                                                         Historian: Kate Johnson;


SPONSOR: Carolyn Powers

The Martin Student Council has a proud tradition of service to our school and community. We perform over 200 different school and community projects each year, from Homecoming, Disaster Relief, mentoring and drug awareness programs, recycling, new student activities, to Mr. MHS and Senior Send-Off. The MHS Student Council has been recognized by the Texas Association of Student Councils for over 23 years as an “Outstanding Student Council”. This is the highest award a Student Council can receive. We are Proud! We are Warriors!