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Book Swap

Reading at Bebensee!

Zoe D. is one of those readers who can’t get enough of books. That’s just fine by her mother who knows that reading is the cornerstone of knowledge. Same for Zoe’s teachers at Bebensee Elementary who tell her to read away since it impacts everything from communication skills and language mastery to logical thinking skills and an acclimation to new experiences.

“I do know that those who read a lot do well in most of their classes because you just know thins just from reading different books,” Zoe’s mother Vickie said. “The hard part sometimes is telling her to put the book down and come and eat her dinner.”

No wonder Zoe, a fifth grader, was in attendance at the big Book Swap at Bebensee, an evening set aside to celebrate the written word.

How does the book swap work? Much like it sounds. A week or so before the Book Swap students are asked to bring in a book, for which they receive a ticket.

At the Book Swap those tickets allows students a chance to pick whatever book is on several tables.

Grade levels separate the tables. Dr. Seuss was a big hit with first and second graders while older students snatched up the chapter books and subject books, like the big Human Body book.

“We stress reading at the earliest of levels because it really does help give them a higher aptitude for learning in general,” Bebensee Family Engagement Liaison Selma Pereira said. “Plus we always try to tell them how much fun it is to read, to be able to learn about things you wouldn’t know.”

Zoe didn’t leave until she racked up about 10 books, including one she really wanted: Dear Dumb Diary. The story is about a female tween who through some melodrama learns that jealousy of her peers is not a good thing.

“She even got a book for her brother about the Dallas Cowboys,” Vickie said. “She’s not a big fan of sports, but she’ll probably end up reading that, too.”