Jennifer Pickle Textbook Inventory Control Clerk - Information and Instructional Systems

Provide Instructional Materials/Textbooks to 61,000 students, teachers, and Curriculum Departments at 76 schools and numerous Annex buildings in AISD. Place multi-million dollar Instructional Materials/Textbooks orders for AISD on the TEA/EMAT website for the entire District. Oversee the District-side of TipWeb, a web-based inventory control program, for proper ordering and distribution of Instructional Materials/Textbooks. I am the only Certified Train-the-Trainer for TipWeb in the District. Train the Campus Textbook Coordinators (AP’s) on how to inventory, barcode, distribute, and order materials using TipWeb for students and teachers. Maintain communication with Campus Textbook Coordinators (AP’s) either by phone or email discussing their orders, inventories, deliveries, or pick-ups. Keep an ongoing multi-million dollar inventory for our Textbook warehouse and all campuses. Communicate on a daily basis with Administrators, Campus Textbook Coordinators(AP’s), Curriculum Directors, Publishing companies, Trucking companies, Non-profit organizations, and Recycling companies. Search for lower prices and discounts of Instructional Materials/Textbooks to save the District money while contacting various vendors and Publishing companies. Negotiate free Teacher material and free Shipping/Handling charges of Instructional Materials/Textbooks while contacting vendors and Publishing companies. Search Recycling companies for highest dollar amounts paid for our recyclables of Out-of-Adoption, worn, and destroyed material. Coordinate the orders placed, deliveries, and distribution of all material when it arrives. Ensure the inventory and orders are coordinated with our staff in the Textbook warehouse. Able to operate the Textbook warehouse forklift and order-picker machinery to unload pallets off the delivery trucks.

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