Checking Attendance

Students can use their phones/laptops or class Chromebooks to log in to Student Self-Serve and pull up their attendance a. If students are new to using Student Self-Serve, they access it by going to, clicking on “Student”, then clicking on “Student Self-Serve”

b. Students log in using their RapidIdentity username and password

c. Once they are logged into Student Self-Serve, select “attendance”

d. School-related absences are N01, N02, and N05 and they do not count against the student regarding the 90% attendance rule

e. Any absence codes that start with “EX” or “UN” do count against the 90% attendance rule

Parents can call their child’s attendance office to check on absences, or they can sign up for Parent Self- Serve. Directions for signing up for Parent Serve can be found at the following  link:  Parent Self Serve

Be in class, be on time!