Juan Seguin High School’s curriculum is varied and extensive. In addition to regular courses, there are special provisions for gifted and talented, ESL, and vocational students; as well as classes for the mentally and physically handicapped students.

Advanced Placement courses are offered in English III, English IV, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, American History, American Government, Macroeconomics, Spanish IV, French IV, Computer Science, Statistics, Environmental Science, Latin, Human Geography, and Psychology.

Pre-AP courses are offered in English I, English II, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology I, Advanced Biology, World Geography, Chemistry I, Physics, Pre-Calculus, French III, Spanish III, Latin III , Art I and Computer Science.


Grade Points (GPA Conversion: Reg.     Hnrs.     AISD     4-pt.)
A+   97-100                                     12         15        Scale    Scale
A      93-96                                       11         14         10           4
A-    90-92                                       10         13       7-9.9        3
B+   87-89                                          9         12       4-6.9        2
B      83-86                                          8         11      1-3.9        1
B-    80-82                                          7         10
C+   77-79                                          6            9
C      73-76                                          5           8
C-    70-72                                          4            7
F      Below 70                                    0            0


Class rank is reported to colleges as a percentile. Grade-point average is based on grades 9-12 with the official ranking done at the end of the fifth six–weeks of the student’s senior year. All students will be included in computing rank-in-class with the exception of VAC and Senior Skills students or foreign students who have been enrolled in an American school for less than two years. All credit-earning courses with approved TEKS are included in computing grade-point averages.

Honor graduates are determined using the following percentiles:
Valedictorian Salutatorian Top 1%
Summa Cum Laude Top 2%
Magna Cum Laude Top 10%
Cum Laude Top 20%

State Accountability

Overall School Rating for Seguin High School:
  • C (79)
Distinction Designations:
  • Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
  • Academic Achievement in Social Studies
  • Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth

TEA School Report Card: