Why take advanced academics classes?

The advanced academics options available at Seguin High School provide our students with various ways to prepare for their future. Just as you would train for an athletic event, advanced academics provide training for college and future careers. We have an open-enrollment philosophy that allows students at all levels to challenge themselves when they are ready. Our counselors and the advanced academics coordinator can help students create the best “training program” for their future goals. Advanced, AP, and IB courses reward students for taking on challenging work by giving them a GPA bump that essentially makes a “B” in these courses equal to an “A” in a regular course.

Advanced Courses

These courses provide preparation for future study in AP and IB. They are primarily offered at the 9th grade and 10th grade levels.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP courses provide broad, college-level study of various subjects. They are assessed with a standardized exam in May. Students can earn college credit based on their AP exam scores. AP courses are offered all four years.

More information about Advanced Placement