What is the Go-Center and why do we have this website?


There may have come a point in time that you have asked yourself, “What is that weird room down the hall from the library?” We can tell you that you’re not alone. The Go-Center is your home for college access.

What is college access?

The advisers in the Go-Center work under the mindset that every student deserves a chance to attend college. Whether that be a four-year university or community college to start out has yet to be determined. What we do know is that college works for the betterment of your future. Your decision to go to college now will affect not only the rest of your life, but the life of your children, and your children’s children, and your children’s children’s children, and… Well, you get the point.

What is this website for?

Though the advisers in the Go-Center are a bit older than all of you, we are young enough to be fully aware that technology is the best way to reach all of you. This website aims to provide all of you with quick, concise information that you can use in the college application process.

How do I use it?

On the top of the page, you will notice a few links to pages labeled SAT/ACT Testing, Picking a College, Applying for College, Paying for College, and Student recognition. On the SAT/ACT Testing page, you can find information on testing dates, why it is important for you to take these tests, etc. The Picking a College link will provide information on finding colleges that are the best match for you. Applying for College supplies tips for filling out an Apply Texas application as well as what documents are necessary in the application process. The Paying for College tab will give you links to important scholarships. Finally, Student Recognition will provide a detailed account of which students have been accepted to which schools, as well as their scholarship funding. To find a specific blog, visit links to blogs or blogs by date in the bottom-most portion of the page. When a blog shows up that interests you, click the blue link and you will be redirected to the actual blog.

What order should I do this in?

The college admission process is a long one, and structure is needed to be effective. Follow the steps in, roughly, this order:

  1. SAT/ACT Testing
  2. Picking a College
  3. Applying to College
  4. Paying for College

We at the Go-Center hope that you will use this information as much as needed. However, our main purpose is to help you in any way possible; this is why we are hoping that you will also come by the Go-Center in person to get more personalized assistance.

To view specific blogs, visit the bottom of the page and pick a category based on what you’re searching for!

Go Cougs!