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PASS. Arlington ISD's Plan to Academically Support Students

About Project PASS

We know COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone, from families to students to teachers and staff. Schoolwork has changed in the last year, making it difficult for some students to keep up or get ahead. That’s why we’ve created Project PASS, a plan to make our students academically successful.

This program is available for students in grades 7-8 for grade recovery and 9-12 for credit recovery. Click to start progressing the way you want to.

Whether you’re trying to get caught up or get ahead, students in grades K-12 have an option for enrichment and credits with our revamped summer learning program that offers more options for whatever your student needs.

It’s not too late to close the gap, and we have highly-trained teachers and tutors that can help. The first step is to call your school and let them know you want help.

If it’s technology you need, we can help. If you need to talk to someone from the community, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program provides extended opportunities for students to work with their teachers to make up missed work or redo assignments with low grades.

Students can work with their classroom teachers to make up assignments. We also have resources online and training opportunities to support parents as you work with your children. Our teachers will provide re-teaching opportunities to students on content where they have struggled.

As long as it takes. This school year has been unlike any other, and we are committed to helping your student close gaps or move ahead, whatever they want. The Arlington ISD is ready to meet the needs of students wherever they are.

Students in kindergarten - grade 8 can take classes in-person or online for enrichment purposes during three different sessions. High school students can take credit recovery courses or earn original credits in an in-person or virtual setting. All summer school registration begins May 3, and Session 1 starts June 7.

Check on your student’s progress in the Parent Self Serve Portal or contact your school.