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Social and Emotional Learning Resources

Community Support Services Hotline: (682) 867-9417
Student Counseling Services Hotline: (682) 867-9416

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    Gifted and Talented Enrichment Resources

    • Tx-perf-standards-project_logo

      K-12 Texas Performance Standards Project

      The Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) comprises a set of performance standards, curricula, and assessments for differentiating instruction and deepening academic learning. This resource is provided by the state of Texas for gifted and talented students. Many of the tasks are also in Spanish.

      Search for tasks on the website by clicking on the grade-level band for your student. If your student is interested in exploring a particular topic, use the Pursuit of Passion project to facilitate the learning. Read through the tasks and work on research creativity, critical thinking and communication skills that are aligned to the TEKS and designed to add depth and complexity.

      K-2 Pursuit Of Passion Project

      K-2 Students will receive the Texas Performance Standards Project Pursuit of Passion in the packet pick-up. K-2 Students may work through the project for the next few weeks. It is also published farther down this page.

    • Grades 3-6 Renzulli Learning

      Renzulli Learning supports the development of 21st Century Learning Skills for students. Students can explore resources personalized based on their interests and preferences as indicated on the Renzulli Profiler questionnaire. Resources include enrichment activities such as virtual field trips, creativity training, critical thinking, projects and independent studies, online activities, and research.

      Grades 3-6 GT students may log-in using their Renzulli username and password. Complete the profile and begin exploring personalized resources on the My Enrichment Activities tab.

      Contact the GT Lead Teacher on your elementary campus by email for support. Clever is not linked at this time.

    • logo_khanacademy

      Khan Academy

      Khan Academy provides content-based and topic-based learning by grade-level, and courses for students. Search courses or topics for lessons and opportunities for students to learn at their own pace. 8th grade through 12th grade students also have access to customized SAT preperation.

    Enrichment Choice Boards

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    3 - 6