Arlington ISD requires families provide proof of residency each year in order to complete the enrollment and registration process. This is collected because residency determines the school a child will attend.

Proof of Residency may be documented by submitting a photo or scan of:

      • Current lease (for 30 days until a utility bill is available).
      • Copy of a current (current or previous month) utility bill (electric, gas or water) which shows the current usage on it.
      • If you have recently purchased your home, a copy of the closing papers will suffice until a utility bill is available to reproduce (within 30 days).

Proof of Residency documented should be submitted via email:

  • All files should be named as follows:
    student last name, first name id number 
    for example    Smith, James 987654
  • The subject line of the email should be as follows:
    student last name, first name id number
     for example    Smith, James 987654
  • Email should be sent to  


For additional information on residency documentation please visit