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We assist our students & families in identifying factors at home, school, and community that impacts the educational success and work to reduce those barriers to learning. These barriers may include but are not limited to: truancy, alcohol and other drug abuse, child abuse and neglect, basic family needs, economic factors, behavioral difficulties, and mental health concerns.

We serve as links between the school, home, and community resources.

My life is an example of how education can propel one out of a life in poverty to a good standard of living. My hope and goal is two-fold: first, assist our students in developing their desire, determination, and vision for a high school diploma wand a career pathway; and secondly, increase their understanding of how mental health, healthy coping skills, and interpersonal relationships play a vital role in their well being.


B.S. Physical Education; Licensed Masters Social Work


Began working with AISD in 1990

Member of Venture faculty since 1993