Venture High School’s Parenting Education Program (PEP) provides services to our student parents. We currently have nearly 40 students that our PEP counselor serves by providing resources, education, and more. One way we support our students is through donations of baby needs through our PEP store (this is an opportunity for our student parents to shop for items using points they are awarded for school achievements – from attendance to earning credits and more.) In addition, with the donations we receive, we are also able to provide for the immediate needs of our new parents.
To help support our PEP students, we are hosting monthly donation drives and have also created a have a Baby Registry available via Amazon where you can see other commonly needed items. If you purchase through Amazon, the items will be shipped to Venture directly. If you would like to donate locally, please reach out to anyone on the Venture staff for details, or just drop it off on our campus (600 SE Green Oaks, Arlington, TX 76018) during school hours (just ring the bell at the door for someone to come help you!)