Wimbish World Language Academy

Arlington’s Only Dual Language Program with French and Spanish

Apply Starting October 25!

Dual Language Immersion

French or Spanish

Multicultural Education

Your child is unique and talented. But how do you know if a dual language academy is right for them?

They love to look
at and read books.

They started talking early and progressed quickly to full sentences.

They enjoy learning new words and can imitate words and sounds easily.

They like to
try new things.

If your child loves to visit the library and shows an interest in other people, a dual language program might be just right for them.

Wimbish World Language Academy offers your child everything they need to explore their creative gifts and talents.

Wimbish World Language Academy is Arlington ISD’s first and only dual language academy that offers both Spanish and French tracks.

A Wimbish World Language Academy education features:

  • Students fully immersed in a dual-language 50/50 program in French or Spanish
  • Language Arts and Social Studies taught in English and Math and Science in Spanish or French
  • Foreign language electives starting in second grade with a choice of French, Spanish or Mandarin

A dual language education at Wimbish World Language Academy offers so many student benefits:

  • Students become bilingual and bi-literate by the end of sixth grade
  • Cultural awareness is built as students participate in multicultural experiences
  • Students are prepared to navigate an increasingly diverse community and global market

How to launch your child’s dual language education:

  • Step 1

    Identify if dual language is right for your child.

  • Step 2

    Apply for Wimbish World Language Academy during the application window.

  • Step 3

    Watch your student thrive.

We understand that the choice to give your child a unique education is a big one.

At Wimbish World Language Academy, they will receive all the benefits of the Arlington ISD whole-child education plus the opportunity to nurture their passions and develop mastery in two languages.

Arlington ISD dual language students have exciting futures ahead.

A LabelFrancÉducation school, one of only 55 in the United States, awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Regardless of what career they choose, a dual language education will benefit your child for the rest of their lives.

Bilingual and

Strong communicator

Global perspective

There's nothing more valuable than teaching your student to love their education.

Your child has an incredible path ahead.
A Wimbish Academy education will provide them
opportunities to change the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wimbish World Language Academy (WWLA) brings together a variety of language opportunities, cultural experiences and 21st-century learning for students. It is the first and only school in Arlington ISD that offers dual language programs in Spanish and French.

At WWLA, students will choose English and Spanish or English and French in the dual language program. It will be delivered as a dual immersion, 50/50 model. The core instruction will be 50 percent in English and 50 percent in Spanish or French, depending on the pathway. Language arts and social studies are taught in English. Math and science are taught in Spanish or French. Time is included for Spanish or French literacy development.

The program will be available pre-K through fourth grade. Additionally, in grades 2-6 students have a FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) class. They may choose Spanish, French or Mandarin.

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be available at aisd.net/specializedprograms for pre-K through fourth grades beginning Nov. 1. Applications are due by Jan. 28, 2022, by 5 p.m.

For the 2021-2022 school year, students in all grades, pre-K through sixth, will be accepted; however, the dual-language program is for grades pre-K-through fourth grade. Students are accepted for first and second grades depending on previous language acquisition and language assessment. Fourth through sixth grades will go through the district's standard transfer process.

Parents will receive a decision letter via email by March 7, 2022, and will have until March 10, 2022, to respond.

There is no cost to attend Wimbish World Language Academy

Students living within Arlington will be able to access transportation through a hub system. Designated campuses serve as hubs for students in nearby schools.

Transportation is not available for out-of-district students.

Acceptance numbers will vary depending on grade level. For the pre-K program, we will accept approximately 72 students.

Applications are scored using a rubric, a type of evaluation tool, for the questions asked in the application. Students applying for first and second grades will need previous language skills/acquisition in either Spanish or French – depending on which track they are applying for – and will have to complete a language assessment for admission.

Admission to students who reside outside of Arlington ISD boundaries will be offered after all resident applicants have been placed. However, out-of-district siblings of current students are exempt from this requirement.

Yes, the Arlington ISD has other specialized programs that you can apply for at the same time you apply for Wimbish World Language Academy. You must rank your choices first, second and third when completing the application. The application for all elementary specialized programs is available at www.aisd.net/specializedprograms. The other elementary specialized programs include Crow Leadership Academy, Pearcy STEM Academy and Corey and Jones academies of fine arts and dual language

During the applications process there will be parent information meetings where the principal will review the design of the program, outline expectations for participation and discuss the categories that will be weighted during the application process. Parents will get a more in-depth look at the school, be able to ask questions and receive assistance with the application process. Attending a meeting is not required for admission.

Parents can learn about Wimbish and other elementary specialized programs at a parent information meeting. Meeting dates will be announced soon.

Students will participate in art, music, P.E., and strings (fifth and sixth only) just like at other Arlington ISD elementary schools. At WWLA, these are areas where culture is integrated to expand their experience.

We do have a variety of day care centers that pick up at WWLA.

To learn more about the Wimbish World Language Academy, or any of Arlington ISD’s specialized programs, go to aisd.net/specializedprograms or email specialprograms@aisd.net.