Posted in on August 30, 2021

Beginning at 8 am, Monday, August 30th through 4 pm, Tuesday, September 7th, all students on campus have the opportunity to request an elective changeAll students and other stakeholders are advised to utilize the QR code on the various posters displayed across the campus, visit the “Workman JHS Virtual Counseling Center” in Canvas, where they will be able to select the grade-appropriate Google form to request elective course changes, or you may click on the direct links found here:

7th Grade Elective Change Request Form Link

8th Grade Elective Change Request Form Link

Also, a friendly reminder that placing an elective change request does not guarantee an elective change request can be granted. Factors including seat availability in the desired course and scheduling conflicts with core classes are a few of the many factors considered when accommodating a request.  If the request can be granted, students will receive a new schedule indicating the start date of the new schedule. If the request cannot be granted, they will be notified and informed of the reasoning for the denial. (Students that have core class (Math, ELAR, Science, or Social Studies) request changes are also directed to utilize this form as well). Please allow the counseling team until 4 pm, Friday, September 10th, to process all requests. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach us at