The Board and administration are committed to the safety and security of all our students and staff. We believe our campuses are safe, and we continue to work to make them even safer.

Students and staff are encouraged to say something if they see something.

The district recognizes and supports the use of CrimeStoppers of Tarrant County for students and staff to make anonymous reports.

We have daily security measures and plans in place for emergency situations.Emergency plans include procedures for an intruder on campus, lockdowns and emergency drills, which take place routinely.

The district has a good working relationship with our local law enforcement agencies. We remain in close communication with the Arlington Police Department at all times regarding any situations that may be of concern.

The AISD contracts with the APD to provide school resource officers.

As part of the district’s 2012-2015 Achieve Today. Excel Tomorrow. strategic plan, a districtwide facilities assessment included a thorough review of the district’s security infrastructure. The 2014 bond program included several items for safety and security – increased video surveillance, digital signage at each campus, bus and passenger tracking, and wireless phones for campus administrators.

All campus entries are secure with visitors required to show identification that is scanned through the V-soft visitor management system.

Camera/Buzzer System for elementary campuses: The security and facility services departments examined ways to increase security at our elementary campuses several years ago and determined that a camera/buzzer system could provide an additional layer of protection. The system was installed at the main exterior entrance of each elementary, on a door already wired with an electronic card reader for the keyless entry system. All exterior doors at the elementary campuses are locked during the school day, and visitors must press a buzzer at the main entrance to request entry into the building. A camera projects an image of the visitor to a monitor in the office, where staff controls the door. Once inside the building, visitors are still directed to check in at the office and undergo a visitor background check through the V-Soft visitor management system. This security enhancement was funded through the 2009 bond program.

Keyless Entry System for Employees: Part of the 2012-2015 strategic plan called for controlled access to all facilities. Employees received new ID badges to wear during the work day. These badges work with the keyless entry system installed at district facilities to allow access for employees. Campus and department leaders have identified employees for one of five levels of employee access to buildings. If an employee works at multiple locations, one ID badge will work for all locations.

The Arlington Police Department utilizes a Citizens on Patrol Mobile program. These volunteers drive around targeted areas of Arlington in official COP vehicles, observe and report any suspicious activity. COP volunteers have a visible presence at elementary campuses by performing their normal duties around campuses.

Security personnel receive training in order to continue to improve their response to various situations. New security personnel obtain more than 80 hours of training before going into service.

An enhanced radio communication system allows the administrative staff of each campus to speak directly with the district security dispatcher on their radio in an actual emergency. This process expedites the response from district security and allows the security department to assist with the police response to their location.

The security and police staffing levels have increased at major events with large or adversarial crowds.

The APD and the AISD communications department monitor social media and convey questionable information or events to AISD security management.