e-Builder software training begins

e-Builder training meeting

e-Builder training meeting

July 27, 2015 - AISD facility staff and contractors are undergoing training this week on e-Builder, a new software system purchased by the school district to assist with project management. It will prove especially helpful for the many facility projects related to the 2014 Bond package.

All parties involved in the AISD’s capital projects, including the AISD, architects and construction managers, will be able to communicate and share information on this single platform. E-Builder will host budgets, plans, calendars, reports, documents and more. “This integrated tool provides us a collaborative environment to increase efficiencies, accountability and visibility for all our projects," said Mel Perez, AISD database specialist in the facility planning and construction department.

Employees from e-Builder spent Monday and Tuesday training AISD staff on how to use the system and today and tomorrow are training contractors, like architects and construction managers.

Setting up and configuring the e-Builder software for the AISD has been a months-long process that began in April. Following the training this week, the AISD facilities department will begin inputting project data into the system to get it ready for implementation.