Remembering Hutcheson Junior High

Hutcheson Junior High around 1970

Hutcheson Junior High around 1970

The final day of the school year, June 5, 2015, was also the final day for “Hutch.” Now just a few weeks into the summer break, all the furniture, books, computers and school supplies are being moved out. The old, worn out school building is about to come down.

The students who would have attended Hutcheson next year will consolidate with Workman Junior High, while a new districtwide Career and Technical Center will eventually rise up to take Hutch’s place on Pioneer Parkway. The 2014 Bond package is enabling this progress, but progress doesn’t make it easy to say goodbye to the much loved junior high.

Opened in 1970, multiple generations – many from the same families – have called Hutch their school. The students and teachers who passed through gave Hutcheson the vibrant life it has known for over four decades, and they will maintain the legacy and impact of the junior high long after the building has been razed.

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