Thornton Elementary teachers receive training for interactive projectors

Thornton teachers receive AV training

Thornton teachers receive AV training

Feb. 18, 2016 - Thornton Elementary teachers received training last week on how to use their new interactive projectors. The projectors are part of the AISD’s new classroom technology standards, which are being implemented through funding by the 2014 Bond package.

The technology hardware called for in the new standards are in the process of being installed in all AISD elementary classrooms and include a Dell laptop, laptop docking station, monitor, mouse and keyboard, and an Epson Brightlink projector. (Read more about the technology standards.)

The trainings were conducted by specialists from the AISD technology department and focused on the capabilities of the new interactive projectors. The projectors offer a multitude of features to enhance teachers’ lessons. They have touch and pen-based interactivity and allow up to six students to write on the board at the same time. Students or teachers can draw or write on anything projected, and with Internet connectivity, any background or video can be displayed.

The AISD instructional technology department is committed to helping teachers master the new technology so they can enhance their teaching, offering online resources and personal coaching.

“If you need more support, just let me know and I’ll come out and work with you,” Deann Thompson, AISD instructional technology specialist, told the teachers at the conclusion of the training session she led.

Thornton was the 13th AISD elementary school to receive the technology training