Citizen Bond Oversight Committee meets at Crow Elementary to review bond progress

CBOC tours Crow Elementary bond word

Aug. 10, 2018 - The Citizens Bond Oversight Committee met in August at Crow Elementary for its quarterly review of the status and progress of the 2014 Bond program. Led by AISD Chief Financial Officer Cindy Powell, AISD staff gave updates on the various areas of the bond: fine arts; safety, security and technology; transportation; and facilities.

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The meeting was held in one of Crow Elementary's new STEM labs and began with a tour of the school's bond-funded renovations. Crow Principal Jamie MacDougall showed committee members the over $3 million in bond-funded renovations the school received, including two additions. The addition at the front of school includes a front-entrance security vestibule, new reception and new admin offices. The other addition houses a new strings room and a music room. Two new STEM labs were also created within the existing building, and the art room, which was moved to make space for the STEM labs, received renovations as well. The bond also funded other school improvements, like better lighting, new security cameras and new technology, like interactive projectors in every classroom.

MacDougall said Crow's teachers, students and neighboring community love the renovations.

"It's breathed new life into the campus," she said.

The entire culture of the school has improved, she said. The improved facilities impacts how everyone feels about their school and has helped the community take pride in the building.

MacDougall said that the "revitalizing" renovations will also serve as a "springboard" for upcoming programmatic changes. Next year, in 2019-2020, Crow will become a leadership academy. It will implement the elementary version of the International Baccalaureate program, becoming the first AISD elementary to have the IB Primary Years Programme. As a part of the new educational framework, Crow will purposefully teach leadership skills to prepare students for the real world.

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