Beginning Wednesday, October 21

  • All CVPA classes will be held at the AISD Professional Development Center (PDC) at 1111 W. Arbrook
  • Virtual instruction will continue for those that are not on the home campus
  • Students that have chosen “In-Person Learning” will travel from their home campus to the PDC on their in-person days - according to the hybrid schedule provided by the home campus
  • If you need to contact us you can reach us at 682-867-9700 or email Cathy Isaacks, Dean of Instruction at

Transportation Notes

  • Transportation from the home campus to the PDC for CVPA classes is available for all in-person learners
  • Students that need transportation from the home campus have signed up through their teacher 
  • If you / your student has questions please feel free to email me:

For more information about transportation, please check out our transportation page.

Students grades 9-12 can travel from their home campus to the Center for Visual and Performing Arts for high quality instruction in music, art, and dance.

These courses are open to all AISD students, and will offer credit towards graduation requirements. 


All students will register at their assigned home campus, following the district registration process, then they will request the elective classes they desire (including all CVPA courses) with their school counselor. Some CVPA classes may not be available due to a course being at maximum seat capacity.


Students' attendance will be maintained through their assigned or home campus. Please call your home campus' attendance department to report or question absences. If you need to pick up your student during a class they are attending at the CVPA, please contact our office.


There is not a cafeteria for students at the CVPA. Breakfast and lunch will only be served at the home campuses. Students traveling to the CVPA during the lunch hour should plan to eat lunch on their home campus or bring lunch from home.