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Address: 6700 Silo Road
 Arlington, TX 76002

Phase: Two

Architect: Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford

Construction Manager: W.B. Kibler

Start Construction: Spring 2017
Finish: Winter 2017

Phase: Four

Architect: PBK

Construction Manager: Adolfson & Peterson

Start Construction: Fall 2018*
Finish: Spring 2019*
*Dates are projections and subject to change.


Project Status: Complete 

The first construction project - the two new STEM labs, strings room and security vestibule - is complete.

For the second project - lifecycle and deficiency improvements - exterior work started over Thanksgiving break and is now finished. All flatwork was poured, new chillers and a new roof-top unit were installed, and installation of a new fire alarm system is finished.

Project Scope

Bond-funded work at Ashworth is being done in two stages. The first stage includes adding two STEM labs, a strings room and security vestibule. The second stage includes a number of life-cycle and deficiency upgrades.

  • Add two STEM labs
  • Add strings classroom
  • Add secure entry vestibule
  • Upgrade technology connectivity
  • Identify and improve existing site accessibility
  • Add additional card access controls
  • Repair roof
  • Repair/replace and upgrade heating and A/C, fire alarms and landscaping
  • Upgrade security cameras and PA system (to be done by AISD security and technology departments)

This report includes highlights of projects. The list is not comprehensive and is subject to modification.