The AISD STEM Academy Science/Math Pathway provides for an in-depth progression of courses in both of these areas of academic study. Careers in math focus on the tools, methods, and approaches that facilitate the practice or the study of mathematics. Objectives in the STEM Academy math instruction include the teaching of basic number skills, the teaching of practical mathematics and abstract mathematical concepts, and the teaching of advanced mathematics to those students who wish to follow a career in the mathematics field. Science is the pursuit of knowledge, and the STEM Academy instruction in this field is primarily concerned with sharing science content and processes. Science education includes available content in the fields of physical, life, earth, and space sciences.

Science/Math Pathway (Sample Courses)

Arlington ISD Courses

Science Courses

Pre-AP Biology
Pre-AP Chemistry
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1, 2, 3, 4
AP Biology

Math Courses

Pre-AP Algebra I
Pre-AP Geometry
Pre-AP Algebra I
Pre-AP PreCal
AP Calculus
AP Statistics

UT Arlington Science and Math Major – Dual Credit Courses

College of Science Majors

Biology Major

Cell and Molecular Biology
Structure and Function of Organisms
General Chemistry
Plant Science

Chemistry Major

General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry I and II
Quantitative Chemistry
General Technical Physics I and II

Geology Major

Earth Systems
Earth History
Cell and Molecular Biology

Physics Major

General Chemistry I and II
General Technical Physics I and II
Mathematical Methods of Physics

Psychology Major

Introduction to Psychology
Cell and Molecular Biology
Structure and Function of Organisms
Research Design and Statistics I and II

Mathematics Major

Calculus I, II and III
Discrete Mathematics
General Technical Physics I and II

Note: This is a small sample of projected dual credit courses in the College of Science and is subject to change.

UTA College of Science

UTA Math Department