How can parents and families get involved in the STEM Academy?

Parents are a central part of the AISD STEM Academy. Support from and the active engagement of parents and families ensures student success. Parental and family involvement is a serious sharing of responsibility for each student's learning and personal and professional growth. We believe that each student's education relies on a committed support network of adults (teachers, family members, mentors. etc.) who work together to help students achieve their potential. AISD STEM Academy parents must commit to being involved in their child’s education upon acceptance into the program.

There are numerous ways parents and family members may get involved with the AISD STEM Academy, and parents/family members are encouraged to join the STEM Academy Booster Club. Visit the STEM Academy Booster Club Website to learn more.

The STEM Academy welcomes parents, guardians and families to share ways in which support can be offered to our Academy.

All STEM Academy volunteers must be approved by AISD.

AISD Volunteer Guidelines and Application

Booster Club

STEM Academy Booster Club Website

Community Involvement in the AISD STEM Academy

Partners in EducationIt takes the whole community to educate a child effectively.

Community involvement is key to the success of the Academy. There are many ways that the AISD STEM Academy needs the support and expertise of our community. Below is a list, with a brief explanation of how you can get involved.

We need help in the following areas:

Guest Speakers

We are looking for professionals in STEM fields that can share their expertise with our students.


During the senior year, students will be enrolled in a capstone course such as an internship in a STEM field. If you can provide an internship or would like more information, please let us know through the Community Sign-up form.

Field Trips and Educational Programs

The STEM Academy strives to provide numerous enrichment opportunities for our students.  Please let us know if your organization can host a student group on a field trip and/or you offer STEM-related educational programs.


If you have an idea for a student project or even have something you would like accomplished that meets the requirements of a STEM classroom project, you may hire students to accomplish this task.

Advisory Board Members

The role of the Advisory Board is critical in the effectiveness and relevance of the Academy.

Capstone Project Mentors

During the senior year, students will engage in a capstone course that includes the research and development of a solution for a real-world problem.  Students will need at least one mentor to guide them through the capstone project process through completion of the project.

Corporate (or Individual) Sponsorships

Many projects require financial or materials assistance. If you or your organization are willing to sponsor a project, please let us know.