Resources to Help You Prepare for College

Four Years to Get Ready for College

The College Search


Apply to 4 or more universities by Senior Year

Year 9 thru 11:

Make a list of any and all universities that interest you. Spend the next three years eliminating choices to the ones you know you’d be happy to attend. (4 or more).

  1. Visit for a good start
  2. Visit university admissions web pages
  3. Visit college campuses in person during school holidays and summer
  4. Questions to answer:
    1. What are the university’s criteria for admission?
      1. SAT/ACT scores
      2. Do they require SAT II?
      3. High school courses
      4. Essay
      5. Interview
      6. Letters of Recommendation
      7. Extra Curricular
      8. Volunteer
      9. Other
    2. Does the university have the Major I want?
    3. Are their separate criteria for admission to the College of my Major?
    4. Does the university and College of my Major accept credits transferred from TCC and UTA? Which subjects?
    5. Is there an Honors Program and does it have separate criteria for admission?
    6. What financial aid/scholarships does the university and the College of my Major provide?
    7. What are the criteria and deadlines for applying for financial aid?
    8. What facilities and resources are available to me? (e.g. library, fab lab, writing/math labs, group workspaces, technology, etc.)
    9. What are the housing options?
    10. What are the dining options?
    11. Is this a city I could live in for the next few years?
    12. What internships are available near the university?

Year 11:

Take SAT/ACT, finalize Brag Sheet

  1. May begin taking SAT/ACT the spring of Year 11
    1. Spend the summer and fall preparing for these tests!
  2. List all activities you have participated in since the summer between 8th and 9th grades.
    1. Volunteer hours, organizations, activities
    2. Camps
    3. Employment
    4. Clubs, school organizations
    5. Leadership roles
    6. Recognitions earned
    7. Challenges overcome
  3. Get a blank copy of a Brag Sheet from Mrs. Stringer or make your own

Year 12:

Apply to 4 or more universities

  1. Prioritize your applications by deadlines of admission to the University AND the College of your Major.
  2. Use one “professional” email address to use when communicating with universities. This keeps all college information in one place.
  3. Provide copies of your Brag Sheet to anyone writing a Letter of Recommendation for you.
    1. Give the writer at least 2 weeks advance notice before the Letter of Recommendation is due.
    2. Choose people from the community or at school who have positive things to say about your progress during your high school years; leadership, service, academic, etc. (Coach, teacher, employer, neighbor, mentor, etc.)
  4. Use your Brag Sheet to answer questions on University and Scholarship applications.
  5. Final college visits
    1. AISD allows Seniors 2 excused absences to visit a college
    2. Reserve these for special visits (e.g. an interview, entry test, appointment, etc.)

The Scholarship Search


Get as much aid in scholarships and/or grants to pay for college

Year 9 thru 11:

Look up scholarships that you can apply to as a 9th, 10th or 11th grader; apply to them. Also research scholarships to apply to as a Senior; know the criteria and spend 9th thru 11th grades meeting those qualifications. (e.g. gpa/class rank, community service, leadership roles, specific activities, etc.)

Year 12:

Apply to as many scholarships as possible! Watch deadlines!

Scholarship Information for STEM Academy Students

There are many scholarships available, but it is up to you to take advantage of these opportunities. STEM Academy faculty members are here to support you in your college and scholarship application process. On this page, we will share information that we receive about scholarship and provide links to helpful resources. - Scholarship Resources for 9th-12th Graders is a service connecting 9th thru 12th graders with colleges. Students set up an account and start getting the inside track on getting college-specific scholarships. The service is free and they can sign up anytime. It's nice that even Freshman can start looking for scholarships from the colleges they are considering. website

AISD Scholarship Information

The AISD Department of Counseling and Guidance is constantly updating this website with new deadline information. As they receive updated information and forms from scholarship providers, they will update the listings.

AISD Scholarship Page

Information on Specific College Programs

Kansas State Mathematics

The most frequently asked question we receive from parents is: "What can you do with a math degree." To answer this question we gathered data on our alumni employers and occupations along with the national average salary for the same position and produced a sample of our alumni career and salary ranges at