Academic Performance and Effort

It is an expectation that all ACHS students put forth the effort to reach their maximum potential in all classes. Academic excellence is achieved by challenging yourself to improve on every assignment or task you encounter. All of our students are required to maintain at least a C average both at ACHS and TCC SE. Students who fail to maintain this average at either campus may be placed on academic probation and will be given a limited amount of time determined by the principal to demonstrate an honest academic effort and to improve their grades to passing status.

Tutoring: Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring and academic assistance will be offered during designated times. Tutoring is also afforded to you at TCC SE for college classes in which you need assistance. There are times when it may be mandatory for you to attend tutoring before or after school or on Saturdays.

Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism and Cheating

A student found to have engaged in academic dishonesty shall be subject to grade penalties on assignments or tests and disciplinary penalties in accordance with the AISD Student Code of Conduct and/or Tarrant County College Student Handbook. Academic dishonesty includes cheating or copying the work of another student, plagiarism, and unauthorized communication between students during an examination. The determination that a student has engaged in academic dishonesty shall be based on the judgment of the classroom teacher or another supervising professional employee, taking into consideration written materials, observation, or information from students. ACHS students in violation of rules associated with academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action up to and including removal from ACHS.

State Accountability

Overall School Rating for Arlington Collegiate High School:
  • A (98)
Distinction Designations:
  • Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
  • Academic Achievement in Mathematics
  • Academic Achievement in Science
  • Academic Achievement in Social Studies
  • Postsecondary Readiness

TEA School Report Card: