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Preston Nguyen at CTC with World Food Championships check

Martin High School Grad wins World Food Championship Final Table Preston Nguyen joins culinary elite and wins $100,000

Going to Carolina Who knew a dish of fried quail lollipops with a hot honey glaze, southern quail and dumplings, ...

Martin High School Student Receives $40,000 Amazon Scholarship Future Engineer scholarship winner also gets Amazon internship

She’s organized, caring, and ambitious, and she’s destined to overcome any obstacle put in front of her. She’s Martin High ...

Entrepreneurs, What’s Your Big Idea? Arlington ISD Students Show Off Their Big Ideas

Sometimes, it's just in you Kenny Macino was an entrepreneur before she knew exactly what it was. A fellow student ...
Ethan Paradez - 8th Sam Houston senior to win TCU Community Scholar full-ride scholarship

Sam Houston High School Senior Receives Full Scholarship to TCU Ethan Paredez is eighth Sam Houston student to earn TCU's Community Scholar Award

Sam Houston does it again! The hope of attending Texas Christina University had come and gone for Sam Houston senior ...