Human Resources

Human Resources

Department Contact:

Scott Kahl

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

(682) 867-7290
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The purpose of Human Resources is to provide exemplary support to our district employees and external customers and ultimately contribute to an outstanding education for our students. Human Resources is divided into four operational areas:

Compensation, Benefits, and Culture

The Human Resources Compensation, Benefits & Culture group is responsible for employee compensation practices and systems, employee benefits administration and administration of strategic programs to support positive employee culture district wide. This group is the primary point of contact for benefit and insurance questions, pay questions, retirement questions, and discounts available to district employees.

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Customer Service


Contact Information

  • Certification Questions: (682) 867-7210
  • Contract Questions: (682) 867-7273
  • Information Changes (Name, Address, Phone, etc.): (682) 867-7210
    (Changes can be completed in Employee Service Center)
  • Loan Forgiveness: (682) 867-7528
  • New Hire Orientation: (682) 867-4641
  • Records Requests: (682) 867-7259
  • Resignation Questions: (682) 867-7528
  • Verification of Employment: (682) 867-7266
  • All Other Questions: (682) 867-7290

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Development and Employee Relations

The Human Resources Development & Employee Relations group is focused on improving employees’ interactions and advancing employees’ knowledge and skills. Each member of the team is devoted to supporting campus and department employees with internal dispute resolution, conflict management, grievances, and professional development related to employee relations.

Recruitment, Sourcing, and Substitutes (Jobs)



  • Application Questions: (682) 867-7212
  • Contractor Background Checks: (682) 867-7235
  • GALLUP Questions: (682) 867-4636
  • Hiring Process Questions: (682) 867-7213
  • Internal Transfer Questions: (682) 867-7725
  • RIVS Questions: (682) 867-7736
  • Student Observation Questions: (682) 867-4650
  • Student Teaching Questions: (682) 867-7200
  • Substitute Questions: (682) 867-7235
  • All Other Questions: (682) 867-7290

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