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We’re excited you’ve decided to student teach and/or observe in Arlington ISD! The AISD HR Recruitment and Talent Selection team processes clearance for all program/university student teachers, interns, practicum, and clinical students in the same manner. We process background clearance; however, we do not secure placement. You will need to work with your university/program rep and/or with an AISD Principal directly for placement. Please see below for steps to initiate the clearance process.

For all student observation requests, email

For all student teaching requests, email

For student observation and student teaching questions, please send an email to or

Student teacher application

  • Step 1: Make sure to use Google Chrome as your browser.
  • Step 2: Fill out the application, do not copy/paste information and do not leave any blanks.
  • Step 3: University Course information page will ask for your course ID, if you're in an alternative certification program enter 1234 as the course ID. If you're with a university/program other than UTA, it'll pull up the university as UTA (that's ok, just leave it as-is).

After completing the application, send the following:

  • A scan of your driver's license
  • Syllabus or program letter 

Once application is submitted and documents are sent to either or (depending on if you’re observing or student teaching) the HR Talent Selection team will notify you with background clearance and next steps. Until then, you are not cleared to start. 

Click here for our campus directory page to include contact information.