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Arlington ISD District Select Program

What is the District Select Program?

District Select candidates are degreed substitutes at the initial stages of pursuing a teaching certification. They may be hired as a Bridge Substitute in the classroom in which they may ultimately be hired as a teacher of record upon obtaining certification from an Alternative Certification Program (ACP). The District Select program participants are Bridge Substitutes whose alternative certification fees are sponsored by Arlington ISD. In return, they agree to serve at least 3 years with Arlington ISD following the completion of their teaching certificate.

Who can be considered for the District Select Program?


  • With at least a Bachelor’s degree and meet ACP requirements
  • Who have been offered a teaching position
  • Who are enrolled or will be enrolled in ACP by the time of hire
  • Who do not hold an Intern Certificate

What are the available AISD District Select Programs?

Enrollment Fee Information: UTA Alternative Certification Program for Teachers

For candidates who enroll with UTA Alternative Certification Program for Teachers, no enrollment fee is required. For candidates assigned to the AISD District Select cohort by first being admitted to the program through the initial hiring process, participants will pay no enrollment fee to UTA, as the district has already covered fees for program enrollment and participation.

Enrollment Fee Information: Texas Teachers of Tomorrow

For candidates who enroll with Texas Teachers first and pay their own Enrollment Fee before being admitted to the AISD's District Select program, Texas Teachers will refund the fee once candidates are in a HIRED status (on a certificate). For candidates assigned to the AISD District Select cohort by first being admitted to the program through the initial hiring process, there will be no enrollment fee paid to Texas Teachers, as the district has already covered that fee as part of the program.

Please contact Miranda Borchers at with any questions.

When is the Enrollment Period?

  • June 8, 2024 - September 30, 2024

Steps for Enrolling in the Program

Apply for the District Select program HERE
Attach your acceptance letter into the District Select program to your application and apply for an Arlington ISD Teacher opening. Please apply at
Complete the Gallup Teacher Insight Survey. A link to the survey will be sent via email after your application is submitted. Once you complete your Gallup survey, email the principal of the campus you are interested in, letting them know you applied and have been accepted into the AISD District Select Program. Click HERE to find our campus directory.
Interview with an Arlington ISD principal and secure a recommendation for a Teacher position. (Must be a teacher position and not a classroom assistant position.) The principal will submit a recommendation for hire and note that you are enrolled in the district select program. A talent selection representative will follow up with next steps once your recommendation is received by the Human Resources department.
Sign the District Select Reciprocal Agreement and Apply to an AISD-approved Alternative Certification Program (University of Texas at Arlington Alternative Certification Program for Teachers or Texas Teachers of Tomorrow) and become fully enrolled. The agreement will be provided to you by a talent selection representative. (A program enrollment letter will be needed to move forward.) If you are already enrolled in one of the approved programs, you will provide your enrollment letter.
Complete the full hiring process and sign Arlington ISD offers/agreements: 
  • District Select Reciprocal Agreement
  • Bridge Sub Offer 
  • Teacher Offer and Job Description
  • Bridge Employment Agreement (Signed at sub orientation)
Attend Arlington ISD Orientation as scheduled. You may not begin work until orientation is attended (including setting up room, etc.)