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Arlington ISD & Texas Teachers of Tomorrow District Select Program

District Select candidates are degreed substitutes who lack certification and are being hired to sub in the classroom in which they will ultimately be hired as a teacher of record upon obtaining certification from Texas Teachers Alternative Certification Program. Arlington ISD will cover program fees associated with the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow alternative certification program and in return candidates must serve at least 3 years with Arlington ISD in a high-needs teaching area and/or at a high-needs campus.

Enrollment Period: April 22, 2023 - July 14, 2023

Steps for Enrolling in the Program


Apply for an Arlington ISD Teacher opening at a high-needs campus and/or in a high-needs content area. Please apply at

High-Needs Elementary Schools:

  • Anderson ES
  • Berry ES
  • Crow ES
  • Blanton ES
  • Ellis ES
  • Goodman ES
  • Miller ES
  • Patrick ES
  • Peach ES
  • Rankin ES
  • Sherrod ES
  • Short ES
  • South Davis ES
  • Speer ES
  • Thornton ES
  • Webb ES
  • Johns ES
  • Larson ES

High-Needs Junior High Schools:

  • Carter Jr High School
  • Nichols Jr High School
  • Workman Jr High School 

High-Needs High Schools:

  • Bowie High School
  • Lamar High School
  • Sam Houston High School 

High-Needs Content Area(s)*:

  • SPED, Bilingual, Math, or Science (Priority Content Areas)

*Approval from HR is required for content area(s) outside of high-needs.


Complete the Gallup Teacher Insight Survey. A link to the survey will be sent via email after your application is submitted.


Interview with an Arlington ISD principal and secure a recommendation for a Teacher position at a high-needs campus and/or in a high-needs content area. (Must be a teacher position and not a classroom assistant position.)


Sign the District Select Reciprocal Agreement and Apply to Texas Teachers of Tomorrow  Alternative Certification Program and become fully enrolled. (A program enrollment letter will be needed to move forward.)


Complete the full hiring process and sign Arlington ISD offers/agreements:

  • District Select Reciprocal Agreement
  • Sub Agreement 
  • Teacher Offer and Job Description
  • Bridge Employment Agreement (Signed at sub orientation)


Attend Arlington ISD New Hire Orientation upon hire and in addition attend professional development training beginning the week of July 31, 2023.