General Guidelines for All Facility Rentals

When submitting a request for facility rental in Arlington ISD, please allow 2-3 weeks to process. This timeframe allows for confirming availability* and collecting required organizational documentation (insurance, etc.) to complete your rental profile and provide online access for submitting requests directly to the District calendar.

* For rentals of athletic areas (gyms, fields, etc.), the Athletics Department will check availability on your behalf. Please refer to the section below for instructions. All other rentals should confirm availability with the desired location(s) before submitting your online request will help avoid conflicts and frustration. School locations/phone numbers are in our School Directory. Please ask to speak with the person who oversees the school calendar (usually a secretary or an assistant principal).

Athletics Area Usage

As a safety response to COVID-19, all campuses are currently closed for athletic rentals by outside groups or individuals.  As the situation changes, we will adjust our approach to the availability of our athletic facilities for external rental when we can safely do so.

AISD Athletics Area Request Form- JH/HS Facilities

**PLEASE NOTE: AISD Athletic Facilities are not available for adult play**

This initial request for gyms, fields, etc. is required from District and non-District organizations (including Boosters/PTAs) even if the function is not athletic in nature. Please allow at least one week for processing. An approval email from the Athletics Dept. will include next-step instructions.

For questions or further information about AISD Athletics facilities, please contact the AISD Athletics Dept.

Mac Bernd Professional Development Center

To reserve space at the Mac Bernd Professional Development Center (PDC), please complete this request form that works together with the District facility rental procedure. Please be sure to complete the PDC request form before anything else to confirm the availability of the desired space/timeframe.

General Facility Usage

AISD Facility Use Agreement (FUA): Terms and Regulations

Please note: this is NOT your typical “End User License Agreement”. There are AISD rental-specific details and expectations in this document that you need to read/understand/agree prior to signing/returning as this form works together with the Online Account Application for Requesting AISD Facilities to initiate the rental process.

Online Account Application for Requesting AISD Facilities

This form will explain initial procedures to become an Organization Event Coordinator (OEC). You must complete the AISD Facility Use Agreement in conjunction. Once this 2-part step is completed, further instructions will be emailed to you.

Regulations Regarding Community Use of School Facilities

Provides basic information re: considerations for use and pricing for various organization types.
If your organization is local (based in Arlington or majority Arlington-residents/AISD students), and a documented IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit, prices are on pages 4-5; if any of these conditions do not apply, prices begin on page 6.

Board Policy (GKD - Legal & Local)

Includes a handy search tool to help you understand Board policies that might relate to your request for use of AISD Facilities.

For information on any AISD facilities, please email the District Contact for Facility Rentals in the office of the Chief Financial Officer.