Since July 2008, AISD has recycled:

  • 1,525.187 tons of paper
  • 104.62 tons of cardboard
  • 55.18 tons of plastic & aluminum
  • 2 Tons of e-waste

Commingled - Recycling Retriever

AISD is the first district in the country to implement the Recycling Retriever program. Provided by Abitibi Bowater, the new Recycling Retriever bins will accept:

  • aluminum cans
  • plastic bottles
  • steel cans from the cafeteria
  • flattened cardboard boxes

These bins are for school use only!

Paper Retriever

AISD is pleased to continue to offer the Paper Retriever program to all schools and the community. Please place these items in the Paper Retriever containers:

  • Paper Bin

    school papers

  • office papers
  • newspaper
  • catalogs
  • magazines
  • junk mail

Do not place cardboard in the Paper Retriever bins. School-generated cardboard goes in the new Recycling Retriever bins.For residents, cardboard is accepted in the City of Arlington's curbside recycling program

E-Waste Recycling

AISD accepts e-waste for recycling from all schools and district offices.

  • E-Wastetoner/ink cartridges – leave in boxes (AISD accepts cartridges generated at schools only.Parents are encouraged to recycle cartridges from home and work at other locations such as office supply stores.)
  • batteries – alkaline & rechargeable
  • cell phones
  • small electronics – calculators, chargers, media devices

Computers and printers are not accepted.

Residents can find e-waste recycling solutions on the City of Arlington's site.