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Shauna Alderman

Energy & Facility Rentals Manager
(682) 867-7655


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To establish Arlington ISD as the leader in energy conservation through environmentally responsible behavior; energizing awareness, generating saving opportunities, and campaigning energy efficiency through education, student participation, and goal-oriented campaigns.



Welcome to Arlington ISD's Energy & Sustainability Initiative!

The heart of our program is the importance of energy conservation and keeping financial resources where they matter most - the classroom.

Focus on Energy Efficiency: Utilities are the district's second-largest cost after payroll. Our goal is to minimize consumption without compromising the learning environment.

Inclusive Approach: The district recognizes that achieving energy efficiency requires the participation of all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Energy Management's Responsibility: The Energy Management department is responsible for developing and implementing guidelines for managing electricity, natural gas, and water consumption.

Building Automation System (BAS): The Energy Management and HVAC teams work closely together using our computerized BAS to monitor and control air conditioning systems in most facilities, enabling better energy management.

Run Time Management: When not in use, buildings revert to an unoccupied setpoint. To reduce consumption and wear and tear on equipment, buildings are asked to submit after-hours requests when needed, using only the spaces required for their event.

District Engagement: Utilizing the energy committee the district encourages individuals to take small steps to conserve energy, such as turning off lights, closing blinds and exterior doors, and powering down electronic equipment when not in use.

Reporting and Feedback: Individuals are encouraged to report water leaks and other issues to the Facility Services Department.

Our approach involves a combination of technology, policy, and behavioral modification to achieve its energy conservation goals while maintaining an environment conducive to learning.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or ideas at any time.



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Name Role Contact Information
Shauna Alderman Energy & Facility Rentals Manager (682) 867-7655
Tricia Alford Energy Specialist/Scheduling Inquiries (682) 867-7601
Jen Thiem Energy & Sustainability  Clerk (682) 867-7646
Deda Padilla Facility Rental Clerk (682) 867-7710
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