Technology Resources

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    Process for Logging Into Chromebooks

    It is very important that all students log into AISD issued Chromebooks with their AISD student username and password.

    Proceso para iniciar sesión en ChromeBooks

    Es muy importante que todos los estudiantes inicien sesión en Chromebooks emitidos por AISD con su nombre de usuario y contraseña de AISD.

    Printable Quickstart Guides



    Seesaw is Arlington ISD’s adopted learning management system for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. It allows students to engage in interactive activities to “show what they know” through the use of photos, videos, drawings, shapes, and text.

    Seesaw works on desktop and laptop computers and Chromebooks using a web browser, and on tablets and smartphones using the Seesaw Class app.

    Important Note for Mobile Users:

    Settings at the district-level require that students log in to Seesaw through RapidIdentity in a web browser and not through the Seesaw Class mobile app. This is a change from how students may have logged into Seesaw while at school earlier this year.

    If students are using a personal device (not a district issued iPad), they will need to download the Seesaw Class app before logging in to Rapid ID. The app needs to be installed on the iPad in order for Seesaw to run; once a student clicks on Seesaw through Rapid ID, Seesaw will open and the students may select their At Home Learning class. 

    At the end of the day, students need to sign out of Seesaw by clicking on their name in the left hand corner, clicking the gear, and selecting Sign Out. Students also need to click on Logout in Rapid ID. This will allow everything to open correctly the following day. (Please note: not following these steps may result in students not being able to access their class and/or activities.)


    Canvas is Arlington ISD’s adopted learning management system for Grades 3-12. It will be used to allow students’ access to a variety of instructional resources and activities. 

    Canvas works in multiple internet browsers on desktop and laptop computers, Chromebooks, and on tablets and smartphones.

    There are also two mobile apps to support At-Home Learning: Canvas Student and Canvas Parent.

    How do parents/guardians access Canvas?

    Canvas allows parents of enrolled AISD students to create an observer account.

    Canvas Parent Help Videos (en Espanol)

    Additional Applications

    Language Translation Support

    Arlington ISD wants to assist you in supporting your student's learning in every way possible. This includes providing materials and information to the public in multiple languages. While we currently provide most information in English and Spanish, we understand that there are many languages spoken in the households of AISD. 

    For languages not directly provided by AISD and for the translation of website content, we recommend the use of services like Google Translate. This service will translate text and documents (Word, Adobe PDF) into many different languages. We also recommend Google Translate's Chrome browser extension as a way to translate websites like Seesaw and Canvas, our learning management systems, as well as many other digital resources used by AISD.


    Student Tech Help Portal

    The district has a Student Tech Help Portal to assist with issues related to devices distributed by the Arlington ISD. Log into the portal for help documents and application instructions. You can also create a ticket with the Help Desk and a member of our technology team will contact you.

    Student Device Request


    Please use the Student Help Form to return your student's device.

    After filling in your information please select "Yes" for a District Device and fill in the PIN# from the device you are returning.

    From the drop down on the next screen select “I would like to return my device”.

    When you confirm and submit the form a ticket will be created and assigned to the campuses technology contact.

    Please ensure you supply an email address and contact phone number in the request form and a staff member from your student’s campus will then be in contact with you to finalize the device return process.


    Student Passwords

    Student Password Default

    The username for students is the first five letters of the student's last name in TEAMS + their student ID.



    Student ID


    Sandra Ramirez



    The default password structure will be Aisd + the student's birthdate using the format AisdYYYYMMDD.



    Initial Password

    January 5, 2008


    Student Password Reset

    Students have the ability to reset their passwords in the RapidIdentity application. Use the "Need Help" link above the login area.

    If you are unable to reset your password through this method, we have set up a process to further assist students with this. Please send an email to your campus contacts below with the title 'Student Password Reset Request'.

    Please include your student's name, campus name, student ID and username (if possible) in the body of your email.

    Adams Elementary Carmen Janecek
    Adams Elementary Hadina Mucino
    Amos Elementary Martha Devarennes
    Amos Elementary Parker Mathias
    Anderson Elementary Christina Stewart
    Anderson Elementary Odnam Gallardo
    Arlington High School Maryjane Ohalloranbeane
    Ashworth Elementary Grace Frederick
    Ashworth Elementary Wafa Ihweil
    Atherton Elementary Luther Cobbey
    Atherton Elementary Reola Harris
    Bailey Junior High School Debbi Black
    Bailey Junior High School Jodie Hawkins
    Barnett Junior High School Beth Haschke
    Barnett Junior High School Colin Carpenter
    Bebensee Elementary Kelvin Stroy
    Bebensee Elementary Margaret Resendez
    Beckham Elementary Elizabeth Narvaezdemier
    Beckham Elementary Theressa Krodle
    Berry Elementary Carisa Gonzales
    Berry Elementary Carol Hughes
    Blanton Elementary Andrea Garza
    Boles Junior High School Billy Jenkins
    Boles Junior High School Margaret Garrett
    Bowie High School Melissa Uribe
    Bryant Elementary Joanna Wasden
    Bryant Elementary Timothy Green
    Burgin Elementary Bibi Kadri
    Burgin Elementary Rosana Bridgewater
    Butler Elementary Allan Glover
    Butler Elementary Margaret Cremer
    Carter Junior High School Debora Kyler
    Carter Junior High School Zachary Huntsinger
    Corey Academy Ryan Cannon
    Corey Academy Sarah Taylor
    Crouch Elementary Joann Cottrell
    Crouch Elementary Spenser Segovia
    Crow Leadership Academy Lisa Bell
    Crow Leadership Academy Nathan Mendez
    Ditto Elementary Jeanie Murrow
    Ditto Elementary Ruth Salas
    Duff Elementary Lauren Brown
    Duff Elementary Stacie Farr
    Dunn Elementary Diane Luttrell
    Dunn Elementary Susan Grom
    Ellis Elementary Karen Sims
    Farrell Elementary Beth Brockenbush
    Farrell Elementary Mona Daiban
    Fitzgerald Elementary Leah Godwin
    Fitzgerald Elementary Matthew Gilmore
    Foster Elementary Rebecca Nelson
    Foster Elementary Tanisha Woodard
    Goodman Elementary Derick Penaloza
    Goodman Elementary Felice Sandersjohnson
    Gunn Junior High Connor Thompson
    Gunn Junior High Katherine Thayer
    Hale Elementary John Ingrum
    Hale Elementary Shawn Dosku
    Hill Elementary Rebecca Holland
    Hill Elementary Stephanie Coffey
    Johns Elementary Emily Vanlangen
    Johns Elementary Nicholas Lane
    Jones Academy Leilani Blair
    Jones Academy Michelle Simscasey
    Key Elementary Paul Silva
    Key Elementary Rebecca Holton
    Knox Elementary Jamika Jefferson
    Knox Elementary Rolando Novell
    Kooken Educational Center Mary Eldredge
    Kooken Educational Center Patricia Wright
    Lamar High School Monica Jenkins
    Larson Elementary Andrew Filewood
    Larson Elementary Ronda Mccurry
    Little Elementary Kimberly Wren
    Little Elementary Tamara Jackson
    Martin High School Suzanne Severns
    Mary Moore Elementary Carrie Boden
    Mary Moore Elementary Robie Skari
    McNutt Elementary Andrea Brown
    McNutt Elementary Deborah Washam
    Miller Elementary Marilyn Gravelle
    Morton Elementary Lamicka Booth
    Morton Elementary Lisa Cupples
    Newcomer High School Judy Schimek
    Nichols Junior High School Dawn Main
    Nichols Junior High School Raquel Vazquez
    Ousley Junior High School Ashley Wagnon
    Ousley Junior High School Christopher Thayer
    Patrick Elementary Cason Corbitt
    Patrick Elementary Erin Joshua
    Peach Elementary Amy Quigley
    Pearcy STEM Academy Angela Jaramillo
    Pearcy STEM Academy Leah Brady
    Pope Elementary Latissah Williams
    Pope Elementary Nitza Campos
    Rankin Elementary Duyen Hoang
    Rankin Elementary Shahnaz Nasserfarfeldstein
    Remynse Elementary Michael Dykes
    Remynse Elementary Nicole Sportsman
    Roark Elementary Nathan Wittmayer
    Roark Elementary Sheri Sheridan
    Sam Houston High School Katherine Yu
    Seguin High School Brenda Gorman
    Shackelford Junior High Alicia Vandenbroek
    Shackelford Junior High Vincent Meza
    Sherrod Elementary Barbara Wilson
    Sherrod Elementary Kyle Smith
    Short Elementary Alona Wilson
    Short Elementary Renee Alarcon
    South Davis Elementary James Wilkes
    South Davis Elementary Julie Moore
    South Davis Elementary Lesley Cano
    Speer Elementary Christian Zaragoza
    Speer Elementary Teresa Bird
    Starrett Elementary Gerri Rodriguez
    Starrett Elementary Nancy Allmon
    Swift Elementary Aaron Vaughn
    Swift Elementary Melissa Tom
    Thornton Elementary Elizabeth Williams
    Thornton Elementary Sametra Wingate
    Turning Point Secondary School Diane Camfield
    Venture High School Dusti Parker
    Venture High School Judy Schimek
    Webb Elementary Karen Patterson
    Webb Elementary Stephen Mccarthy
    West Elementary Patricia Bianchini
    West Elementary Stephanie Lawson
    Williams Elementary Amy Haynes
    Wimbish World Language Academy Astreia Yates
    Wimbish World Language Academy Russell Dvorak
    Wood Elementary Elizabeth Springfield
    Wood Elementary Lisa Jones
    Workman Junior High School Heidi Paulson
    Workman Junior High School Jason Trejo
    Young Junior High School Brooke Higginbotham
    Young Junior High School Jolene Restivo

    Frequently Asked Questions














    If your student has an AISD issued laptop then in order to log onto this device they must have logged on when on the AISD network. This creates a local profile for them so the device recognizes them when they access it.

    With student passwords being reset this can cause the device to require their old password to access it, and then their new password to access Rapid ID, AISD applications and resources that require them to log in when working from home.

    Your student then has 2 choices:

    • They can return to a campus to connect to the WiFi (can be close to the building) and then log into the device using their NEW password. The laptop will then sync and store it in their profile.
    • They can continue at home to use their old password to log onto the device, and then their new one to log into Rapid ID and applications they need.