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Guidelines for All Facility Rentals

  • Please review our Facility Use Terms and Fees
  • The District reserves the right to refuse usage if deemed in the best interest of the District.
  • Organizations should first contact the desired campus to check for availability. 
  • All organizations must complete a Facility Use Agreement
  • Requests must be made no less than four weeks in advance via CommunityUse
  • Payment is due no less than two weeks prior to the event date
  • Insurance is required for all organizations, on all rentals
  • Rates are determined by the type of organization and include facility and personnel fees 
  • AISD Athletic Facilities are not available for adult play
  • Events requiring the use of an AISD Athletic Area must also complete the Athletic Area Request Form

Insurance Requirements

All rentals require commercial general liability insurance from a company licensed in the State of Texas. The renter shall provide the District with a Certificate of Insurance providing the following:

  • Arlington Independent School District listed as Certificate Holder and as an Additional Insured
  • Wavier of Subrogation endorsement in favor of the District
  • Coverage as listed below:
    $1,000,000  Aggregate General Liability
    $1,000,000  Products and Completed Operations Aggregate
    $1,000,000  Personal Injury and Advertising Liability
    $1,000,000  Per Occurrence General Liability
    $100,000  Damage to Rented Premises
    $5,000  Medical Expense

Self-insured entities must provide a letter to the District annually.


Rental requests are made through CommunityUse and will be directed to the appropriate personnel for approval. To request access, click here.


Payment is due no less than two weeks prior to the event date. For full details, please refer to our Facility Use Terms and Fees.

Athletic Area Usage

Requests for Athletic Areas must be submitted via CommunityUse and the Athletic Area Request Form must be completed. Failure to complete both will result in a significant delay in the approval process. 


Mac Bernd Professional Development Center

To reserve space at the Mac Bernd Professional Development Center (PDC), please complete this request form that works together with the District facility rental procedure. Please be sure to complete the PDC request form before anything else to confirm the availability of the desired space/timeframe.


Center for Visual and Performing Arts Center

If you are interested in utilizing the Center of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), please complete this booking request. All booking details will be handled through the CVPA.