Transfer to the Arlington ISD

Transform your future. 




When you've discovered the limits of your student's current education options, it's time to consider transferring to Arlington ISD.

At Arlington ISD your student will benefit from:

Professional Certified Educators

Proven Leadership

Academic Excellence

A Variety of Clubs and Extra-curriculars

Dedication to Safety

Athletics Beginning in Seventh Grade

Arlington ISD is an open district - open to any student who wants a world-class education. We are happy to accept students both from within and outside the Arlington ISD boundaries.

Your student deserves a world-class education.

Students thrive when they have access to the best opportunities. Arlington ISD offers a world-class education that will unlock your student's unlimited potential. With advanced academies, free instruments, uniforms, professional certifications and more, you will get the best from your student as they get the best from us. We also feature two STEM labs at each elementary and student-focused special education, giving every student the opportunity to experience a world-class education.

All grades in the Arlington ISD
have access to state-of-the art facilities.

Arlington ISD
Athletics Center

Arlington ISD
Athletics Center

  • Basketball Courts
  • Wrestling facility
  • Volleyball courts

Center for Visual and Performing Arts

Center for Visual and Performing Arts

  • 1250-seat professional concert hall
  • Professional dance studio
  • Visual arts studio and gallery for artists to display work
  • 425-seat theater

Olympic Sized Swimming Center

Olympic Sized Swimming Center

  • Olympic size swimming pool
  • Modernized diving location
  • Built for competition and excellence
  • Equipped for collegiate-level swim meets
  • Learn-to-swim lessons for all grade levels

Career and Technical Center

Career and Technical Center

  • 68 CTA courses in 27 programs of study
  • 27 industry certifications
  • State-of-the-art labs and classrooms
  • College-like atmosphere

Unlimited opportunities to match your student's unlimited potential.

To begin the transfer process:

  • Step 1

    The next transfer window is November 17 - December 1, 2022 with additional windows in the spring, March 28 - April 13, 2023 and summer, July 6 - July 20, 2023,

  • Step 2

    Count down the days until you receive your transfer offer. We will review your application and get back to you in a timely manner.

  • Step 3

    Keep the documentation of your accepted transfer offer to present when you register your child at the school.

A transfer student is someone who attends a school for which his or her address is not zoned. That includes students who live in the Arlington ISD but choose to go a different Arlington ISD school than the one for which they are zoned. It also includes students who live outside the district but apply to attend an Arlington ISD school.   

The term “transfer student” does not apply to students who live in and attend school in the Arlington ISD and then move to a new address and new school zone within the district. These students simply need to enroll in their new school. They do not need to apply for a transfer. 

Advance your child toward a bright future.

We are committed to growing whole & well-rounded young adults who are prepared to excel in college, career and beyond. We are ready to welcome your student to the Arlington ISD community.